Data has been claimed the ‘new gold’, but is useless if not translated into understandable figures, with useful structures. By using data, we can help our clients manage their sustainable and/or economical evolution, guide them on their path and reiterate as soon as possible.

A data-driven approach

Many companies fail to correctly map, monitor, analyse and respond to performance. By building a digital live dashboard overview, your company will be able to understand all elements to manage your sustainability and/or commercial goals and processes. This enables you to manage current goals and processes, adapt your roadmap, identify potential gaps, and device different actions to solve them.  

Data visualisation

For us, a dashboard is a means to an end. The goal is to facilitate ‘visual and easy to read data’, to manage and adjust your current activities and processes towards sustainability and/or growth.

We believe data must be combined across different channels, and a broader view usually gives a more detailed understanding of what is happening. By zooming out, a bigger picture will emerge, enabling you and us to understand all elements. In order to set this up, a lot of connections need to be made between your relevant core systems, and integrated data sources.

Data connection

Performance dashboarding

The Ecological Entrepreneur builds standardised digital frameworks, to help solve three questions; 1. What should we measure? 2. How should we measure it? 3. How can we work with the data?
Some rules of thumb we go by:

If you don’t have a goal you understand, you do not know what you are measuring

To understand the goal, you must be able to understand the impact it has on your business

To understand the impact, you must be able to identify the source

All targets support a main target(s) which should be built on the strategy of the company

Proof of Impact

Actions are more significant than words. Discover how we have created impact for our clients. 

The partnership between The Ecological Entrepreneur
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Let’s bring ecology and economy together! We’re here to help. Reach out if you need more information or are ready to get started.