Making carbon accounting efficient.

The time to act is now

The time to take sustainable action is now. Reducing carbon emissions is high on the agenda for most organisations, but not everyone is clear on how to get there. The partnership between The Ecological Entrepreneur and Carbon+Alt+Delete offers a solution. It is a beautiful example of how companies can take the lead in co-creating a more sustainable future together. The weapon of choice? Carbon accounting software.

Demystifying carbon accounting

Carbon+Alt+Delete is a software development company specialising in providing carbon accounting software for sustainability consultants. For us, their carbon accounting software is an indispensable tool in today’s fight against climate change. After all, to take effective action, it is crucial to measure correctly. But correctly assessing your organisation’s emissions is not an easy task. Or at least, this was the case in the past.

Carbon accounting software is a great alternative for complicated, error-prone spreadsheets. Carbon+Alt+Delete’s tried-and-tested software is regularly updated with great care and assures us as sustainability consultants to be compliant with the latest CSRD legislation.

Therefore, we conduct science-based Carbon Analysis for all scopes, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064, by using the Carbon+Alt+Delete software as from the starting days.

A mutually beneficial synergy

The match between Carbon+Alt+Delete and The Ecological Entrepreneur promised mutual benefits and significant synergies, making it an ideal partnership. The support and appreciation go both ways.

Now here’s the challenge for many sustainable solutions: how to create effective, large-scale positive change, by reaching as many professionals as possible? That’s where we came in to help.  Besides being an active user of the software, we developed a strategy and approach for Carbon+Alt+Delete to communicate in an engaging way. We helped building market knowledge and created a targeted approach to communicate convincingly to their external stakeholders.

How to scale sustainable impact

To maximise the sustainable impact of Carbon+Alt+Delete’s solutions, it was crucial for them to have support in scaling their operations, as they missed the necessary skills and capacity. And they are not alone in this.

Despite delivering innovative products and services, many sustainable initiatives struggle to achieve significant market penetration due to limited commercial expertise. Successful business models rely on the market as a pivotal vehicle, and commercialisation presents numerous challenges following the stages of R&D, design, and realisation. Commercial thinking and acting are frequently viewed as cumbersome. However, achieving ecological impact is intrinsically linked with attaining economic reach and success. By providing targeted support in business development, marketing, and strategic planning, we can help overcome barriers to scale and realise the full potential for environmental and economic benefits. We help our customers get the widespread attention they need to have an even bigger impact.

Our method for Carbon+Alt+Delete?

Working across their entire commercial value chain, from initial market awareness to customer retention, leveraging technology and process automation. Given our deep understanding of sustainability, we seamlessly aligned with Carbon+Alt+Delete’s mission, successfully translating their vision into measurable commercial outcomes. Additionally, we assisted them in measuring and verifying their impact and in mapping out future action plans. Regular communication about their goals and tangible outcomes, along with comprehensive support and advice, has been crucial as they continue to grow as a sustainable company.

“The Ecological Entrepreneur is a ‘one-stop shop’ to get your market communication up and running as a young company from day one: copywriting, graphical design, digital marketing, go-to-market strategy… And all by people who carry sustainability in their DNA.”
 – Kenneth Van den Bergh; Co-founder Carbon+Alt+Delete

About Carbon+Alt+Delete

Carbon+Alt+Delete is a climate tech company, leveraging the power of software to fight climate change. Positive impact is the core of their DNA.  They believe in the power of transparency. Only when the carbon footprint of companies is disclosed, investors, customers and employees can and will adjust their behaviour to the benefit of more sustainable companies. 

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