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Sustainability, climate, social cohesion, … the challenges of the 21st century. More specifically, this decade. How can we reconcile sustainability on an ecological, economic, and social level? We are looking for you!

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Office Manager

Sustainability, CO2 reduction, climate ...THE challenges of this decade. Would you like to help make a difference by working in an organisation that enables the realisation of the transition to a more sustainable business? Then we would like to meet you!

Sustainability Consultant

As a Sustainability Consultant, you will guide our clients in their transition to sustainability, translated into concrete guidelines, a policy, and actions to reduce climate impact and gain sustainable practices. Would you like to help make a difference in realising our clients' transition to a more sustainable business? Support them in creating a strategy, plan, and realisation of their sustainability goals? Then we would like to meet you!

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Team values

Opportunity Driven

We are here to offer possibilities and solutions. We oppose ourselves to doom and gloom. We are here to spark hope and hand organisations the opportunity to take sustainable action.


We work fact-based and consult or product reliable resources. Data is our best friend. We don’t do cover-ups!


What we say, we do, what we do, we say. We say it how it is. We deliver. We walk the talk. We practice what we preach. 


We are a company made by people joining in the same mission. Sustainability is our collective interest and drive. A human approach towards clients is of utmost importance. We work people-centred. We emphasise humanity in our (work) environment. 

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