What we believe.

As a society, we need to commit to sustainability. That seems obvious for most. There is a lot of talk, but why is little changing? What is stopping us from acting?


Sustainability according to our vision

The ‘why’ of sustainability seems obvious by now, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ a lot less so. For many, sustainability remains a complex and confusing concept. And even without confusion, questions arise about the usefulness of actions and their impact.

The Ecological Entrepreneur was born out of one simple need: the realisation of sustainable progress by bringing economy and ecology together. This is necessary to maintain our current level of prosperity, well-being and to protect our natural world.

Sustainability is often associated with reductions or a phase-out. However, a green business model does not aim to ‘cut’ existing processes. Our aim is to develop processes in balance with our environment and society, considering all burdens and profits. In other words: minimal environmental impact, maximum output for prosperity and well-being. By creating ‘green business models’, we move towards regenerative and thriving value creation in all domains: economic, ecologic, and social.

The Ecological Entrepreneur supports your organisation with the creation and implementation of green business models, to make you successful in today’s society.

A lot of solutions to current sustainability problems already exist. Why don’t we know and use all of them? Although ‘eco-born-companies’ are on the rise, many struggle to survive and thrive as economically viable businesses. Our market is a crucial vehicle for commercial success. However, after development in R&D, design and realisation, commercialisation (often perceived as the last step) brings many challenges. We understand the challenges ecological companies face that affect their survival.

The Ecological Entrepreneur helps your company from strategy to operations. We define the go-to-market, (re)design and set-up the processes, and facilitate your growth through operational support.  

Our values

Opportunity driven
We are here to offer possibilities and solutions. We oppose ourselves to doom and gloom. We are here to spark hope and hand organisations the opportunity to take sustainable action. 

We are a company made by people joining in the same mission. Sustainability is our collective interest and drive. A human approach towards clients is of utmost importance. We work people centred. We emphasize humanity in our (work) environment.

What we say, we do, what we do, we say. We say it how it is. We deliver. We walk the talk. We practice what we preach. 

We work fact-based and consult reliable resources. Data is our best friend. We don’t do cover-ups!

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porporis apersperume re molo et harchillit es as et pelibeaque nos es eatur? Tia nobitio reserovide maio maximillabo. Agnit ligent preperum solori aut

More about our values

Who we are

The Ecological Entrepreneur is convinced that ‘sustainable entrepreneurship’, in all its facets, should become the basis of business. An organisation should be evaluated on its ‘social’, ‘ecological’, and ‘financial’ impact, not just the latter.

We measure current impacts, create various scenario’s, develop a strategy and roadmap, and develop sustainability communication. We make the effects of actions measurable to see ROI and estimate costs. Learn how strategic, concrete guidance helps your organisation move towards a sustainable future. With the right attitude, approach, and support, you will make your sustainability promises come true!

We bring ecology and economy together for your organisation! Choose your sustainable future.