To support our mission, we conduct several research studies on a yearly basis in collaboration with universities, management schools and other research institutes. 

Research topics

Currently, 90% of organisations are behind on their climate pledges. Many have expressed great ambitions and believe in the need but get discouraged in the process due to various stumbling blocks. What is holding organisations back to act more sustainably? And on the other hand, what keeps ecological solutions from being a business success?

Sustainability from vision to action

Will we proactively embrace change, or will external forces compel us to do so? - researching over 560 companies.

The future is Circular! But where to start as an SME?

What does it mean specifically: circular business? How do you start with it? And how can you develop a circular business model?

Drivers & Barriers for sustainability

Presenting the drivers for sustainability - researching 530 companies

What keeps ecological solutions from being a business success?

What are the main challenges ecological companies face while operating and scaling their business?

Let’s bring ecology and economy together! We’re here to help. Reach out if you need more information or are ready to get started.