To initiate change as a society, for organisations and as an individual, it is necessary to understand sustainability in order to be able to act. What are the trends in the market? Or the impact of laws and regulations? Knowledge is key!

Knowledge is key

Knowledge is the cornerstone in the innovation and future proof acting. Knowledge provides substance to creativity. Fundamental behavioural change is needed to adjust our way of thinking and the status-quo to get everyone to adopt sustainable ways of doing business.  Every stakeholder is part of it and influences the system and, ultimately, the state of our planet! Providing knowledge to act upon, for us, is an ongoing task. On a yearly basis, we conduct several (market) studies in collaboration with universities and research associations.

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Drivers & Barriers for sustainability in organisations

For many, sustainability remains a complex, confusing concept. After surveying over 530 companies, we present the overall picture of thresholds and drivers for sustainability.

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Our research

To support our mission, we conduct several research studies on a yearly basis in collaboration with universities, management schools
and other research institutes.

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Proof of Impact

Actions are more significant than words. Discover how we have created impact for our clients.

Industry Level Sustainability. BE-Cold and The

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