Speak up and influence the future of fuel and mobility!

Making your voice heard on a topic that could affect the corporate fuel and mobility market? In collaboration with VAB, The Ecological Entrepreneur is conducting market research on the willingness of VAB customers to offset the CO₂ emissions of their fleet. Take part and play an active role in the transition to greener mobility.

Why this survey?

The landscape of carbon offsets is growing rapidly, but there are still many questions about how companies understand these concepts and whether their purchasing decisions are influenced by them. More and more organisations are offering carbon offsets with their products, but the exact meaning of this is often unclear.

This research, organised by The Ecological Entrepreneur in collaboration with VAB, focuses specifically on how VAB members’ understanding of carbon offsetting affects their purchasing decisions and what role this plays in their decision-making when offsetting fleet emissions through VAB.

Disclaimer: Today, VAB does NOT offer the solution to offset your fleet’s CO₂ emissions. This survey aims to identify its interest and willingness. 

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Help shape the future of sustainable mobility!

Take part in our survey and make your voice heard on
CO2 offsetting your vehicle fleet. 

Why participate?


Your opinion matters:

Help us better understand what you think is important, or not, when it comes to carbon offsetting.


Make impact:

Your insights can contribute to a more sustainable future for all of us.


Maak impact:

Uw inzichten kunnen bijdragen aan een meer duurzame toekomst voor ons allemaal.


Exclusive participation:

As a VAB customer, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in this important survey and receive a report with the results.

Take part and have a change of winning a “Bed and Bike Eco” Bongo voucher worth 200,- euros

About us

This research is made possible by the collaboration between two leading organisations committed to sustainability and innovation: The Ecological Entrepreneur and VAB.

As leading sustainability consultants, we specialise in developing innovative solutions to help companies reduce their impact on the environment. Our team of experts is ready to help you accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.


As a leading provider of sustainable mobility services including refueling and charging cards, VAB strives to unburden customers by providing excellent service and the best fuel solutions, while at the same time committing to environmentally conscious initiatives. Through our collaboration with The Ecological Entrepreneur, VAB, as a market leader, aims to monitor market trends and gain an in-depth understanding of its customers’ needs and preferences regarding carbon offsetting.


 Do you have any questions about the survey? Feel free to contact us!