Making sustainability

The Ecological Entrepreneur guides your organisation towards
making a positive sustainable impact in a feasible timeframe.

We aim to make sustainability self-evident
by bringing economy and ecology together.

Bringing economy and ecology together requires balance on both axes


Creating a positive impact on the environment, on an ecological, social, and economical level.  Organisations should create a sustainable profit, by balancing their ecological and social costs, and become profitable on all levels. One metric cannot overrule other metrics.


Making sustainability self-evident by bringing together ecology and economy together. How? By guiding companies on their path to becoming sustainable and climate neutral businesses. And scaling the impact of sustainable solutions and products through commercial growth.

Proof of Impact

Actions are more significant than words. Discover how we have created impact with our clients.

The partnership between The Ecological Entrepreneur
Industry Level Sustainability. BE-Cold and The

Who we are

The Ecological Entrepreneur was born out of one simple belief: we can make sustainability self-evident by bringing economy and ecology together. This is necessary to maintain our current level of prosperity and well-being and to protect our natural world.

To provide solutions for both questions, our company focusses on three activities: guiding organisations towards sustainability, scaling the impact of ecological solutions, and capturing your impact via performance dashboarding. Crossovers happen a lot between all activities, as eco-solutions might help other companies reach their goal. Thus, we bring economy and ecology together.

Drivers & Barriers for sustainability

Presenting the drivers for sustainability – researching 530 companies

Our research

Fundamental behavioural change is needed to adjust our way of thinking and the status-quo to get everyone to adopt sustainable ways of doing business. Every stakeholder is part of it and influences the system and, ultimately, the state of our planet! To support our mission, we conduct several research studies on a yearly basis in collaboration with universities, management schools and other research institutes.

We bring ecology and economy together for your organisation! Choose your sustainable future.