156 days short aka Earth Overshoot Day

have our yearly winner! Or should it be loser? You may not know it, but July 28th is a "special day" this year....Granted, it isn't necessarily the happiest of occasions or a reason to bring out the cake and party hats, but its a day where some reflection is more than welcome.

Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity has spent nature's budget for the entire year. Like we said, not really a reason for celebratory drinks. Each year this day falls earlier and earlier, and we keep coming up short. Luckily it is not all doom and gloom, because we believe change is still possible!

Let’s #movethedate!

The positive thing about Earth Overshoot Day is that it doesn’t have to fall so early on. We would love to tell you all that we get a clean slate every single year, that every 1st of January equals a fresh start. But things are a bit more complicated than that…  

Each year our planet has a certain capacity per capita to get us through the year without bringing the earth’s resources out of balance. Whether we are talking about carbon, or food, or water, … each person has an annual margin when it comes to our planet’s resources. Now the following may sound a bit despairing but stay with us! We have been passing that annual margin since the 70’s. For over 5 decades we have been consistently overspending and at some point, this will bite us in the behind (it already is to be honest, but let’s try and keep moral up a little bit)! 

Our planetary boundaries are divided in 9 categories and right now we have already surpassed our environmental ceiling on no less than 5 of them. Look, natural disasters are already happening left, right and centre. Do we really want to wait until we have crossed all 9 boundaries to grasp the magnitude of the issue?  

Now for some positivity. We do, however, have the power to collectively #movethedate! According to overshootday.org moving this date just 5 days each year, would allow us to use less than 1 earth by 2050. How, might you ask? Our planet is filled with people committed to making a difference and helping our planet. Hundreds of solutions for current climate issues are already available to make our food, cities, energy, population, and planet thrive in a more sustainable way…but somehow the world is still hesitant in giving them a real chance… 

Going green, easier than ever 

Sustainability still has a big connotation of being economically unfavourable.  But nothing could be less true.  Ecological solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity, needed as a ‘licence to operate’ in an evolving market. Gone are the days of “going green” and “being hipster” basically meaning the same thing. There is a solution for almost any process your company could wish for at prices that no longer make you want to cry and look the other way. And even if it does require a bit of a commitment of investment, mid-term you will come out better! 

Whether it is investing in green energy (we don’t think a reminder on the skyrocketing energy prices is necessary, do we?) or eventually the fines for anyone who doesn’t invest in sustainable solutions for their organization; not hopping on the ecological bandwagon will, down the line, cost you more money than investing in green alternatives. It really is in the importance of your company to develop a pathway to becoming a sustainable, and thus healthy, business. And rather today than tomorrow! 

Making economy and ecology self-evident

Therefore, the economy is indeed part of the answer to the climate issue. Real impact only occurs when we bring economy and ecology directly together! When the big players, the companies, governments, … consciously opt for a more sustainable existence. And that is exactly how we, at The Ecological Entrepreneur, want to contribute to a more sustainable future to #movethedate!  

How do we see this happening? The way we see it, sustainability is about creating a positive impact on your environment. Not just on an ecological, but also on a social and economic level. We focus on the “ecological” aspect, including all environmental based elements such as carbon, water, waste, biodiversity, mobility, energy… 

Every company wants, needs, to be economically profitable, yes? You’re always looking at a minimum of being break-even, but profit is what’s really desired. Otherwise, your business won’t last and will eventually fail. It’s the exact same thing when talking about ecological profit. Carbon neutrality, and in extension, climate neutrality must be in balance. Creating gains and finding that equilibrium is non-negotiable if we want to become climate profitable. 

Getting started is the hardest part, we know, but we are here to help! Reach out if you need more information or are ready to get started. Let’s all do our part in #movingthedate!  

Marie Caerts

Marie Caerts

TEE ondersteunt ecologische oplossingen om commercieel te schalen. Maar andersom helpen we bedrijven met hun duurzaamheidsbeleid.