The Ecological Entrepreneur ft. UNIZO

A new partnership towards achieving climate positive impact. More and more entrepreneurs lose their sleep over climate change, the UNIZO SME Barometer showed. But for many, concrete actions are still missing. UNIZO and The Ecological Entrepreneur aim to change just that! Under our guidance, UNIZO Antwerp and UNIZO East-Flanders are willing to lead by example.

Sustainability – factor unknown

The reality is that we are past the point of asking ourselves “IF” sustainability is a thing. We have officially reached the “HOW is it going to be a thing for my company” stage, and that is precisely what appears to be a question mark for many entrepreneurs.

Making ecology self-evident. Under this motto we aim to do our part in the fight against climate change. As said by Sebastiaan De Block, founder of The Ecological Entrepreneur: “For us, this partnership with UNIZO Antwerp is an excellent opportunity to enter into direct dialogue with many entrepreneurs and to quickly respond to their questions and needs to take steps towards sustainability. Our mission as a company is to bring economy and ecology together. Not theoretically, but in daily practice. Twenty per cent talking, eighty per cent doing.  We are convinced that every entrepreneur can take important steps.”

Sustainability 101

It’s not enough to simply tell entrepreneurs to be eco-conscious. More steps are necessary on the march towards a self-evident relationship between ecology and commercialization. Including education around the basic principles of sustainability.

The conversation about sustainability is so often filled with doubts and questions. Won’t this cost us a lot of money? Can we really make a difference? Do we have to change everything? Do we have to do everything at once? Where do we even start?

Our partnership with UNIZO Antwerp is meant to guide businesses, offer them transparency, and have concrete conversations about sustainability. By building up knowledge about the sustainability problem, offering tools and looking at sustainability, UNIZO Antwerp together with The Ecological Entrepreneur aims to succeed in making this tangible and actionable.

This kind of collaborative partnerships plays a central role in scaling the necessary behavioural change. “The future belongs to the doers. Also, now. And yes, there can never be too many doers.” Says Carl Van Dyck, director UNIZO Antwerp. He adds: “That is why we would like to share our experience and the expertise of The Ecological Entrepreneur with our entrepreneurs in do-able steps. In the coming three years, we will work together to inspire, motivate and guide entrepreneurs towards a more sustainable operation.”

Stay tuned for updates about this exciting new journey!

Marie Caerts

Marie Caerts

TEE ondersteunt ecologische oplossingen om commercieel te schalen. Maar andersom helpen we bedrijven met hun duurzaamheidsbeleid.